We provide a secure DNS solution to empower and protect your digital presence.

With over 1700 APIs to manage the DDI infrastructure, TCPWave is a world leader in providing a DDI solution better than anyone - with many customers switching to our solution.

The hybrid cloud organizations use TCPWave IPAM to maintain the highest level of service for the data center, branch, cloud service providers, and perimeter network. The Core DDI Management and network services from TCPWave are crucial to digitizing your network. We facilitate network operations based on modern methods and tools for agility, operational resiliency, and reducing costs while maintaining a zero-risk focus.

Why TCPWave

TCPWave reinforces DDI standards so that the DDI management and the service layers are built with consistency, continuity, creativity, and coherence. The TCPWave DDI standards aim to empower your network with the knowledge needed to drive your business. They also demonstrate how we can achieve a consistent and cohesive identity across our businesses that will differentiate us from our competition while connecting with our seasoned professionals. With many successful deployments, TCPWave stands out as the most trusted brand in the DDI world. We strive to learn and maintain a leading edge by constantly adhering to the highest standards. We ask our employees and partners to ensure that their decisions pass three tests: They are in our client's interests, enhance security, and adapt quickly to the changing technology landscapes. Since we do these things well, we positively impact the customers we serve and show what innovation can do. TCPWave has individuals with a driven mindset that demands responsible actions, an optimism to see a brighter future, the resilience to imagine a failure, and a passion for redefining the definition of perfection.

TCPWave delivers multi-cloud DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management (DDI) Services with security, simplicity, scalability, and comprehensive analytics as a bundled solution deployed across data centers and clouds. TCPWave makes secure network automation a relatively simple task. Organizations concerned about information security in the automation frameworks embrace the TCPWave DDI solution. We stand head and shoulder above when compared to the other providers. We do not give you a one size fits all solution. The most robust encryption algorithms and ciphers, the most hardened core, the best performance throughput, a longer shelf life, the ability to tailor customer-specific features, seasoned professional services, and numerous success stories are what we bring to the table. Legacy DDI solutions that have been around for over two decades have served their purpose. Retrofitting today's DevOps and CloudOps requirements into an outdated legacy solution is not a prudent option. TCPWave holds a superior of 1700+ REST API-based for today's organizations - out of the box.


We design secure and scalable cloud network services for core networks using modern technologies. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) design can manage and monitor a large complex organization running cloud-based technologies or legacy data center models. TCPWave has a strategic partnership with leading server providers and distributes and maintains appliances worldwide. We have customers in every primary market worldwide, serviced by dedicated staff, ensuring professionalism and success in their respective roles. Among network carriers, government entities, and global organizations, TCPWave is known as an innovator for introducing the concepts of a template-based DDI solution to simplify the network. We ensure our customers are successful with unparalleled professionalism, dedication, perseverance, and enthusiasm. With our constantly evolving demand for increased efficiency, we are in a relentless pursuit of perfection.

  • Swift innovation.
  • Not a one size fits all solution.
  • Secure methods used in the 1700+ REST API calls.
  • Do not use plain text passwords in APIs.
  • A cost-effective solution with a better TCO.
  • Unsurpassed performance to perform bulk changes.
  • Ability to adapt to a rapidly changing digital world.
  • Support for distributed microservices architectures.
  • Global distribution model.
  • Consistency across the clouds and providers.
  • Numerous Integrations for automation.
  • Unparalleled DDI analytics.
  • Simple to learn and use.

Engineering, Innovation, and Imagination: These three virtues constitute the foundation pillars of the TCPWave IPAM. The post-pandemic days saw many exploits that constantly self-refine and gain viciousness to maintain a persistent presence in your network. Your network needs a secure DDI ecosystem built from the ground up and with the ability to manage multiple hybrid cloud infrastructures. With security as our priority and automation as our focus, TCPWave provides your network with the global firepower needed to deliver high-performance name resolution and network admission control services using DNS and DHCP. The TCPWave IPAM makes scalability a relatively simple task. The DDI ecosystem scales linearly to suit your business requirements. Designed to meet relentless growth and mission-critical application demands, TCPWave invests significant revenue into research and development. Our strength lies in our confidence, years of experience, and ability to handle large enterprise environments that require precision in name resolution, greater throughput, and higher levels of resiliency.

As the technology landscape evolves, the modern network's DevOps, SecOps, and NetOps need a DDI solution to provide a secure, high density, and proven data center technology, scalability and availability, and long-lasting investment protection. The modern web application from TCPWave dramatically reduces operational costs by simplifying management, so you can preempt potential problems and accelerate application deployments. TCPWave also provides a high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective DDI ecosystem to meet the challenges of diverse network topologies of your organization. As an ever-increasing amount of data moves on the global network, the need to have security, commonality, and interoperability grows. TCPWave helps shape industry standards to ensure ever-greater performance and capabilities while ensuring interoperability. With flexible deployment and management options, TCPWave secures your network. Contact us to learn more.