It’s time to upgrade

From VitalQIP to TCPWave

VitalQIP was great, but now you need more

VitalQIP has been the longest reigning DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) solution to date. However, your network needs more than what VitalQIP and Nokia can currently provide in this constantly evolving environment that demands more automation, cloud computing, support for things like the Internet of Things (IoT), security, virtualization, and much, much more.

TCPWave is dedicated to providing hassle free migration to replace legacy VitalQIP solutions with TCPWave DDI solutions while maintaining the integrity of your DDI enterprise. TCPWave's professionals ensure fast, lossless successful outcomes with detailed report and analysis without impacting business continuity.


Labor intensive IPAM.

Complex network scalability.

Limited cloud integration.

Provides only a partial REST implementation.


Endless possibilities of Automation with extensive CLI & REST API.

Most Secure, Future-proof solution with Best-of-breed tools.

Seamless Cloud Integration.

Reduced CAPEX & OPEX with Discovery, Monitoring and reporting Appliances at Zero cost to you.

High Availability of Services.

Proactive alert and monitoring system with analytics.

Exhaustive logging and auditing for granular view of IPAM activities.

Seamless and Hassle-free migration
Fast Migration
Data is migrated at no cost. Detailed Reports are reviewed with the customer ensuring non-compliant, quarantined data is resolved before it is migrated.
No data is lost during migration.
Increased Security
Resolve potential security issues that are allowed in VitalQIP, such as MDHCP objects with Hostname conflicts, Zone RR conflicts with DHCP objects, MX/NS/SRV RRs with no matching A or AAAA records, and many others.
Detailed Reports
Detailed Reports are generated during the migration process that identify what was migrated, what was not and why.
Data Validation
Data validation is guaranteed so that any invalid, corrupted data is eliminated upon import into TCPWave.
Smart Migration
User Defined Attributes (UDAs) are imported. VitalQIP Appliance Manager Software (AMS) data is imported into the single TCPWave DDI database and GUI.