Secure, Scale and Automate DDI Services.

An enterprise grade solution for automating your network management and securely manage your DNS/DHCP infrastructure at higher speeds with less complexity.

TCPWave IPAM Transforms Your Fragile Legacy Networks Into Modern Agile Networks.

Our robust advanced network intelligence delivers a secure, reliable, high-speed data center infrastructure.

Simplified Management and Service Delivery For on-premise DNS and Cloud Managed DNS.

Intelligent DNS Data Integrity checking algorithms are used in the TCPWave IPAM query for each DNS cloud provider, the VPC hosted DNS instances and the on-premise DNS appliance use a REST API method.

Next-Gen Java-based DDI solution for DevOps and cloud transformation.

Provides powerful Rest API end points for easy integrations with different third party tools using a secured authentication mechanism.
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Network Automation

DDI automation to help enterprises and service providers for rapid roll out of services, avoid outages and simplified transition to cloud transformation journey.


Network Scalability

Scalable DDI architecture to meet surge, cloud and automation needs. Superior performance with better TCO ensures enterprises to scale the architecture horizontally and vertically.


Network Security

Defend ransomware, phishing, botnet attacks, malware and spyware from your mission critical networks, using our superior fault prevention solution and escape security breaches.

A Dell OEM DDI Solution for the hybrid cloud enterprises.
TCPWave comes out on top with the most High ratings in Gartner's comparison of DDI products.
TCPWave delivers speed and security to meet the market demands for secure networks.
TCPWave is somewhat different from the usual IPAM software which makes it highly scalable and adaptable to changes.
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Retrofitting today's DevOps and CloudOps requirements into a two-decades-old legacy solution is not a prudent option. A superior 1500+ REST API based TCPWave DDI is designed for today's enterprises - out of the box.

Managed Cloud DNS

Full DNS Cloud Integration for AWS, Google Cloud, Micorsoft Azure, Oracle/DYN, Akamai, Cloudflare, Neustar, Verisign, etc., out of the box. Manage DNS Zones or run and manage TCPWave DNS Appliances in the cloud.

ServiceNow Integration

Enterprises that use TCPWave IPAM can leverage seamless integration with ServiceNow workflows.

DNS Resiliency

We bring resilient DNS architecture by ensuring dual dns engine operating for both DNS functions i.e. authoritative, proxy and caching DNS. Authoritative DNS has NSD and BIND while caching DNS has unbound and BIND DNS engines.

Integrate with your strategic cloud providers and centralize your data in one place.

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Data Migration

Easily automate your data processing with robust Rest API.

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Data Migration

Migrate all your organization's data into TCPWave IPAM with TCPWave built in migration tools.

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Data Migration
Revolutionize your IP address management

Customer Testimonials

  • TCPWave assisted us significantly to streamline our openshift network automation with powerful and well documented REST APIs. What used to take hours is now in seconds. Our dynamic DNS change propagation time is now less than 5 seconds on our global network

    A major financial customer.
  • TCPWave has developed customized features to assist our unique DNS requirements. The vendor's DevOps team understands the challenges we face in the cloud and on-prem with network automation

    A major US Manufacturing firm.
  • TCPWave has made us embrace AWS network automation seamlessly. Our lives have been simplified with the Terraform support in the DDI

    A Higher Education software provider.
  • The customer support from TCPWave deserves an applause. Migrating from our legacy DDI to the new IPAM is all automated with a repeatable and a proven data conversion logic. We get an opportunity to test using the TCPWave labs

    A major brokerage customer.
  • The rollout of the TCPWave DHCP in our global franchise has been a seamless operation. Our senior management is impressed

    A major US Sports Franchise.
  • TCPWave has given a seamless network service with network admission control policies for our entire university

    A major US University.
  • TCPWave is an IPAM solution focused on the future. It has three main focus areas: scalability, security, and automation. It is an all-in-one DDI solution for DNS, DHCP and IP management. It supports some of the latest technologies, like CyberArk, TerraForm, and ServiceNow

    A major client.

Articles and More

  • TCPWave announces a Global DNS Migration Hub

    The TCPWave Global DNS Migration Hub is the most secure, extensive, and reliable DNS conversion protocol that securely migrates your current VitalQIP or InfoBlox or BlueCat DDI platform into the TCPWave DDI platform and allows you to perform a global DNS cutover seamlessly.

  • Process a very large number of transactions at a fast rate in the TCPWave IPAM

    TCPWave, Inc. announced the release of 11.30 with multiple improvements and enhancements to the security, reliability and analytics.

  • Ultra Practical High Availability Solutions with Network Intelligence

    TCPWave, Inc. announced today the best High Availability solution in the market to support its customers' requirements. High availability is a priority in their network and application performance management architecture.

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