Experience the Power of our Artificial Intelligence

Reduce risks and costs by consolidating DNS, DHCP, IPAM, SLB, GSLB, and WAF with AI & ML


Enhance your network defense with our proven AI models, safeguarding you against ransomware in the hybrid cloud.

Accelerate your DDI and ADC digital transformation pursuits
with our well-priced subscription plans.

Network Security

Defend from phishing, botnet attacks, malware, spyware and ransomware. Secure your mission-critical networks. Boost your threat intelligence with defense mechanisms that automatically bolster you from modern-day exploits and security breaches.

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Application Security

Experience how to protect your mission critical applications using TCPWave ADC solutions. Leverage local traffic orchestration and global traffic orchestration with security embedded into the core fabric. Explore how to minimize downtime and decrease SLA response time.

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Network Automation

DDI automation helps enterprises and service providers facilitate a rapid rollout of services with no downtime and simplifies the transition to the digital cloud transformation journey. Powered with numerous integrations, learn how to improve your operational efficiency.

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Network Scalability

Scalable DDI architecture that can meet cloud and automation needs. With rapid provisioning techniques, visualize DDI agility. Discover superior performance with a better TCO that guarantees horizontal and vertical scalability without service degradation.

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Unlock Network Excellence with TCPWave

Empower your network with seamless DDI and ADC solutions for enhanced performance, security, and efficiency. Automate DDI management, optimize application delivery, and benefit from centralized control and built-in threat intelligence.

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A Dell OEM DDI Solution for the hybrid cloud enterprises for digital transformation.
Cloud Integration

Seamlessly manage AWS, Google, Azure resources, and DNS using a single pane of glass. Explore IAAS solutions embedded in the core DDI fabric to simplify administration. Manage a variety of providers from a single source of truth.

Risk Mitigation

Leverage vulnerability and threat management solutions to protect your core network infrastructure services from a central viewpoint. With redundant stacks and automated corrective actions, learn to lower your risk exposure.

Edge Computing

Discover how to render a performance boost using smart load balancing and core network services on a single consolidated platform. Reduce your application overheads by leveraging accelerated solutions with smart caching and prefetching.

Announcing the next wave of AI innovation

With Alice Chatbot, TCPWave brings AI innovation to core DDI and ADC solution, providing intelligent and efficient assistance. The integration of AIOps methods in TCPWave DDI, ADC and WAF solutions empowers businesses with advanced automation and intelligent decision-making capabilities for enhanced network management and security.

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Learn how TCPWave cybersecurity solutions are leveraged in numerous
industry verticals to reduce risks
Investment Banking

Discover how a major corporate investment bank makes use of TCPWave products to enhance automation. To meet the ever-increasing computational demand and round-the-clock capital market activities call for more incredible network services. Contact us to get a demo.

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Energy Sector
Image 2

Discover how an American multinational energy company has adapted to the modern digital transformation journey using TCPWave solutions. Learn how TCPWave empowers the decision-making applications that control the oil and gas manufacturing process. Contact us to get a demo of our advanced solutions.

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Image 3

Learn how the telecom service providers leverage the TCPWave solutions to improve the network uptime using our leading technology. In the world of social media with 5G network, network load spikes and attacks threaten service availability. Contact us to learn more about the defense mechanisms.

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Technology Solutions
Image 4

Discover how an American multinational technology company leverages TCPWave to service big data analytics. In an IoT ecosystem with rapid network exchange, TCPWave improves the efficiency and productivity of the connected systems. Contact us to get a demo of our advanced solutions.

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Sports Franchise
Image 4

Learn how Sabermetrics performance and availability are boosted with the TCPWave solutions. Data analytics require a reliable & robust network to provide statistics during a secure live broadcast to a global audience. Contact us to visualize how the business operators in a sports franchise leverage our solutions.

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Image 4

Explore how a property and casualty insurance giant leverages the TCPWave solutions to service the core DDI layer. The network-intensive data mining tools and the analytics (qualitative and predictive) need high application availability to settle the claims. Contact us to get a demo of our solutions.

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Low-Latency Trading
Image 3

The high frequency and low latency trading transactions impose a variable network load throughout the business day and after hours. The modern ultra-low latency (ULL) requires a higher degree of performance with zero downtime. Learn how TCPWave solutions support environments where microseconds matter.

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US Government
Image 3

Discover how major US government sectors leverage TCPWave solutions to provide core network services. Discover how accelerated legacy modernization with adaptive security to protect the citizen's digital identity is accomplished. Get a demonstration of our cutting-edge hyperconnected solutions by contacting us.

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Automobile Manufacturer
Image 4

Industrial robotics in automobile manufacturing is predominantly used to build a vehicle. The ever-changing demands of the supply chain require a reliable core network service to cater to every facet of the process. Learn more about how TCPWave solutions go above and beyond these expectations.

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Image 4

Visualize how the TCPWave solutions are leveraged in schools and universities to turbocharge agility, scalability and efficiency. Learn how the educational institutions build modern resilient network ecosystems using our technology to unlock a full potential. Contact us to get a demo of our advanced solutions.

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Billions of DNS queries serviced
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Customer Testimonial

TCPWave has revolutionized network management with its innovative, modern code. Their creative approach seamlessly tackles security, automation, and cloud challenges with ease. The future-proof solutions offered by TCPWave empower businesses to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. I wholeheartedly endorse TCPWave for any organization seeking to optimize their network performance.

- Amelia


Discover how the TCPWave technology is leveraged in Africa's largest mobile network operator, with 285 million subscribers across the Middle East and Africa.
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With a product development center in Hyderabad, and business development center in Mumbai, Chennai and New Delhi, TCPWave technology is used extensively in the Asian financial sectors.
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The TCPWave Singapore branch provides customers in the Asia Pacific region with faster, more personalized support, enhancing their overall DDI and ADC experience.
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Contact our proficient sales team, located in Princeton NJ to experience how the TCPWave technology, with deployments across various Wall Street firms, has boosted network security.
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