TCPWave IPAM Release Notes - Version 11.33P2

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Discover the power of the TCPWave AI ecosystem in IPAM v11.33P2.

TCPWave delivers the new features, improvements, and stability fixes for it's TCPWave DDI application. This page displays the information about the changes in the latest version of the product, you can also find detailed information about these updates in the Release Notes.

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Product Version:  v11.33P2

Product Component


Chatbot Integration

Introduced Alice, TCPWave's advanced DDI & ADC AI chatbot. It is powered by cutting-edge NLP technology, quickly handles your DDI and ADC tasks, from adding networks to managing DHCP Scopes.

TCPWave's Application Delivery Controller (ADC)

Enhancements: A few of the ADC enhancements are listed below:

  • ADC Dashboard and Application Management Support: ADC Dashboard offers a robust interface for managing, monitoring, and troubleshooting ADC appliances, ensuring seamless functionality and uptime of crucial applications.
  • ADC Monitoring: Offers insights into the performance and health of the ADC appliances, ensuring continuous, optimum performance.
  • Licensing and Patch Management Support: Provides streamlined processes for ADC appliance licensing and comprehensive patch management support, ensuring that all ADC appliances are secure and up-to-date.
  • GSLB Traffic Control, WAF Features, and Service Management: GSLB traffic control based on subnet groups and WAF template-related features improve the system's security and manageability. Also, service management from the UI for the ADC appliance has been added for easier control.


Enhancements: A few of the ISC Kea DHCP enhancements are listed below:

  • DHCP Failover Support for Kea DHCP Appliance: We now support DHCP failover peers for the Kea DHCP appliance, both with and without certificates.
  • Enhanced Subnet Failover Association: Support for the failover association within the subnet. This includes adding, editing, and importing failover associations and comes with an IPv4 Subnet Template.
  • Incremental and Full Configuration Updates: Flexibility to perform both incremental updates and complete configuration changes with failover sections.

Information Security Upgrades

Upgrades: Upgraded the following components:

  • BIND
  • Kernel
  • NSD
  • OpenSSH
  • Splunk Forwarder
  • Suricata
  • Zeek

DNS Management


  • Added Organization-specific ACLs, allowing you to specify the organization while creating the ACLs.
  • Added Scheduled operations for adding, editing, and deleting resource records at the zone, object, proxy root, and root zone levels.
  • Provided Secondary Zone Support - NS1, Akamai, Neustar & Cloudflare as slaves to TCPWave DNS Masters.
  • Support for DNSDiag - The added DNSPing option pings the DNS resolver by sending an arbitrary DNS query to record minimum, maximum, and average response times.
  • Added MNAME dropdown option in SOA Record Attributes for zone templates, enabling selection of a slave for SOA generation.

WAF Management

TCPWave's AI/ML WAF management combines the power of signature and anomaly-based detection. The WAF provides the following features:

  • Comprehensive protection against known attacks and emerging threats.
  • IP blocking, customization options, and rule management for tailored security in web applications.
  • Leveraging AI/ML models DistilBERT and Logistic Regression for high accuracy and CPU resource optimization.

Cluster Administration


Enhanced remote cluster functionality that supports a combined DNS and DHCP cluster. This enhancement enables DNS and DHCP remote clusters to be established on the same set of member appliances.

Network Management


  • The Namespace Hierarchy streamlines DDI management, ensuring effective control over network infrastructure.
  • Added Mask slider option while editing the IPv4 Networks and IPv4 subnets. This option allows you to modify networks and subnets dynamically with the available ranges.
  • Added Merge and Split option in the IPv4 Networks. This option allows you to merge or split the networks of available ranges.

Reports Management

Enhancements: A few of the Report enhancements are listed below:

  • ADC Appliance Audit Report
  • SLB Option Template Audit Report
  • GSLB Traffic Control Rule Report
  • SLB Health Status Report
  • ADC Top Talker Report

Enhanced Fault and Performance Management

Features: Added support for the following functionalities within the TCPWave IPAM:

  • TCPWave SLB Statistics.
  • New monitoring service CHECK_NIC_INTERFACES to enable or disable the NIC monitoring check.

For a complete list of the improvements, as well as optimization fixes, download the v11.33P2 Release Notes. Contact us for more information.