- Leverage TCPWave's professional services to find loopholes in your DNS infrastructure
- Minimize your DNS outages by conducting a third party DNS Audit
- Identify areas of improvement and reduce costs by optimizing the design.

You employ the best IT professionals you can find to help build and manage your network. Now it’s time to get an independent audit to find out factors that can reveal how to improve efficiency, while increasing security.

Our network developers are skilled at working with your existing infrastructure, and your existing IT staff, to show you ways to make efficient improvements while plugging potential security risks. We help your organization evaluate and quantify the degree of expectable risk; then show you ways to meet your network goals using the latest innovations, all within your budget. We will work directly with your existing IT staff and existing infrastructure to ensure that your core network is operating exactly the way you hope it is. Additionally, we can evaluate and provide any training needed. By leveraging your existing facilities, we can reduce the cost of improving your infrastructure. No forklift is needed.

At TCPWave, Information security is considered as a first priority. Our security engineering experts perform numerous tests on our client infrastructure from the client’s internal network (intranet) and the public internet facing applications. These tests ensure that the various software components residing on various platforms have the latest patches and bug fixes. The last thing that any organization needs is to discover a reputation and/or revenue loss by malicious attackers stealing valuable data or diverting funds out of the financial institutions.

What do our Information Security Experts do?

Our Information Security experts work around the clock and perform the following activities for our current clients:

  • Identifying vulnerabilities in the client’s network infrastructure devices
  • Hacking by brute forcing remotely by co-ordinating a planned attack with the client’s NOC.
  • Stealthy recon
  • Remote root vulnerability exploitation
  • Multi-OS banner grabbing
  • Privilege escalation hacking
  • Unauthorized data extraction
  • Breaking IP-based ACLs via spoofing
  • Hacking Web Applications
  • Breaking into databases with SQL Injection
  • Cross Site Scripting hacking
  • Remote access trojan hacking
  • Offensive sniffing
  • Penetration Testing using commercial and freeware tools as well as home grown tools.
  • Abusing DNS for host identification
  • Perform various known DNS exploits.
  • Remote buffer overflow exploits - Stack mashing
  • Remote heap overflow exploits - Beyond the Stack
  • Data mining authentication information from clear-text protocols
  • Malicious event log editing
  • Transferring files through firewalls
  • Hacking into Cisco routers
  • Harvesting web application data
  • Data retrieval with SQL Injection Hacking
  • Wireless security assessment
What type of skills do we have?

Our security experts are ECSA qualified security experts with expertise in the following areas:

  • Latest exploit goals and methodologies
  • Expertise to perform penetration testing
  • Advanced information gathering techniques
  • Expertise in network discovery tools and techniques
  • Identifying and exploiting architectural weaknesses
  • Advanced enumeration of network devices, platforms and protocols
  • Cracking contemporary authentication and authorization
  • Advanced router, firewall and IDS testing Exploiting IPS
  • Vulnerability research and automated scanning in the enterprise
  • Scanning for root kits, trojans, malware and viruses
  • Tools for web application testing - Watchfire and freeware tools
  • Exploiting complex protocols, such as SSH, SSL, and IPSEC
  • Using payload generators
  • Advanced wireless testing tools and techniques
  • Penetration testing of “Wetware”
Recent Network Audit results of a Fortune 1000 customer