IP Address Management For Modern Data Centers

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The TCPWave IPAM simplifies the automation requirements for your enterprise by providing over 1350 REST API Calls. You also get analytics, audit reports, fault management, capacity planning, configuration assurance, machine learning intelligence to detect malicious traffic, DNS Firewall and much more.

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Using TCPWave IPAM, your DevOps and IT teams can:
  • Manage your on-premise DNS and DHCP infrastructure.
  • Reduce costs associated with  DNS, DHCP and IP address management.
  • Manage DNS in various cloud hosted platforms using a central management console in your data center.
  • Retire legacy Perl based automation using outdated APIs and leverage modern Java REST API.
  • Perform data mining by querying  database for your in-house applications.
  • Obtain fault management, performance management, configuration assurance and numerous reporting metrics from one interface.
  • Scale your infrastructure in a linear fashion without having the hassle of purchasing additional management devices.
  • Get various reports without purchasing additional reporting appliances.
  • Discover your network without purchasing additional appliances to perform discovery.
  • Automatically update your IPAM as your network evolves.

Engineered for the future IT requirements