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Datasheet TCPWave Software Appliances Datasheet

The TCPWave software appliances comprise the most powerful, flexible, and cost-effective software based DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) solution in the industry.

Datasheet TCPWave TW240 Appliance Datasheet

The TCPWave TW240 appliance is a small, affordable, yet powerful DDI hardened appliance ideal for remote DNS/DHCP operations.

Datasheet TCPWave TW440 Appliance Datasheet

The TCPWave TW440 appliance is a powerful DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) hardened server based on the rock solid, industry-proven Dell PowerEdge R440.

Datasheet TCPWave TW740 Appliance Datasheet

The TCPWave TW740 appliance is the most powerful DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) hardened server offered by TCPWave. The TW740 is based on the industry proven Dell PowerEdge R740.

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