TCPWave Software Appliances


dns-architecture The TCPWave software appliances comprise the most powerful, flexible, and cost-effective software based DDI (DNS/DHCP/IPAM) solution in the industry today. Coupled with the TCPWave TW740, TW440 and TW240 hardware appliances, the TCPWave software appliances can be configured to meet the most demanding customer needs.


TCPWave does not rate limit the software appliances like other DDI vendors. This means you can install TCPWave's software appliances on the platform of your choice without running into artificial limits, such as Memory, Disk, CPUs, NICs, etc.

The TCPWave software appliances are available in two orderable configurations:

  • IP Address Management (IPAM): Provides the necessary IPAM software infrastructure, including web-based user interface, database, secure communication software, disaster recovery, discovery, patch management, cloud management and other critical features, that allows you to define and manage your IPv4 and IPv6 address space (networks, subnets, objects, DNS/DHCP appliances, etc.)
  • Remote: Provides the secure communication layer along with DNS/DHCP and other network services (NTP, SNMP, resiliency) that are tailored to provide non-stop functionality.
  • Full Functionality: TCPWave IPAM and Remote (DNS/DHCP) images are available (same images as on our hardware appliances)
  • No Throttling: The IPAM and Remote images do not limit the amount of CPU, Memory, Disk, Network Devices, Queries per Second (qps), or Leases per Second (lps)
  • No Expiration Date: TCPWave does not force you to repurchase your software appliances after a certain number of years like some other vendors
  • Install Nearly Everywhere: Install on VMWare, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, KVM, or your own appliance using our ISO image
  • Fully Supported by TCPWave 24x7 "Single Touch" Support
TCPWave Software Appliances Specifications
Feature TCPWave Software Appliances Technical Specifications
Software Images IPAM: The IPAM image contains the security-hardened management environment of the TCPWave DDI platform, including GUI, Database, Operating System, Network Management, Fault Management, Performance Management, Discovery Engine, Scheduler, etc. IPAM High Availability (HA) is included
Remote: The Remote image contains the security-hardened environment for performing DNS, DHCP, and other operations
Environments VMWare, Amazon AWS AMI, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, KVM, others. The TCPWave images can be installed on virtually any hardware that supports CentOS/RHEL 7 using our ISO image
Operating System Security hardened version of Linux based on CentOS 7 (RHEL 7 clone)
Processors No Limit (limited only by the underlying host environment)
Memory No Limit (limited only by the underlying host environment)
Disk No Limit (limited only by the underlying host environment)
Network Interfaces No Limit (limited only by the underlying host environment)
Performance No rate limiting. The IPAM capacity, overall system transaction throughput, the DNS Queries per Second (qps) and DHCP Leases per Second (lps) are only limited by the underlying host environment upon which the software appliances are installed
License The purchase of software appliances is non-expiring. You own the software for the life of the product
Support TCPWave 24x7 "Single Touch" Support