Professional Services from TCPWave

Deploy Secure DDI, GSLB, Network Automation and Cloud Computing deployments globally with TCPWave's global customer support engineers.
TCPWave Services

When growing, upgrading, or changing network elements, TCPWave has the experience, and global reach, to help you efficiently deploy your network. And the skills to help you smoothly install a global network, as well as the ability to leverage partnerships to reduce deployment costs.

To cover the different requirements for enterprise support, TCPWave offers yearly support contracts labelled Silver, Gold or Platinum. TCPWave support contracts for TWC DNS covers issues related to software installation, maintenance, updates, configuration, logging and troubleshooting. Including, generic DNS questions (DNS resolution, DNS tracing, debugging DNS anomalies) as well as DNSSEC (trust anchor repositories, DNSSEC validation, DNSSEC troubleshooting). TCPWave Inc.'s Support covers TCPWave IPAM installation, configuration and handover of the administration responsibilities to your support personnel.

When carving out an optimal DNS/DHCP footprint in your enterprise, we do the following:
  • Right placement of root and authoritative DNS servers in the corporate network.
  • Right placement of DHCP servers in the corporate network.
  • Right placement of Cache appliances in the trading floors, branch networks and strategic data centers.
  • Designing and implementing end-to-end monitoring solutions, capacity planning methodology and config assurance tools for various component architectures.
  • Provide Level 4 assistance for the global design involving DNS and DHCP.
  • Provide off-site training and on-site training to improve the operational efficiency of the deployment.
  • Interface with the Engineering and Operations team and identify areas where automation can be built to enhance the operational efficiency.
  • Provide security updates for DNS, Routing software suite, OS patches including bug/security fixes for NTP, SNMP etc.
  • Assistance in Mergers and Acquisitions or divestitures.
  • Assistance in designing, implementing and troubleshooting DNSSEC deployments.