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TCPWave strengthens its Identity Administration module to provide a building block of security to the enterprises

Build, Improve and Strengthen the Security Systems.

Hyderabad, IN - July 2021 -TCPWave, a global enterprise acclaimed by Gartner, provides modern DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management services to deliver best-in-class DDI and security solutions across a wide range of industries.

TCPWave Security Solutions

Hyderabad, IN - June 2021 -TCPWave, a global enterprise acclaimed by Gartner, provides modern DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management services to deliver best-in-class DDI and security solutions across a wide range of industries.

TCPWave and SecurityZONES Partner to Provide Spamhaus Cyber Threat Intelligence to the DDI Market

TCPWave Prevents Users from Accessing Malicious Sites

Princeton, NJ - May 2021 -TCPWave, a leader in providing secure DNS, DHCP and IP Address Management (DDI) solutions, has partnered with SecurityZONES to provide industry-leading cyber threat protection for end users. TCPWave's DNS Titan End User Security will be powered by Spamhaus DNS Firewall Threat Feeds to enable the TCPWave DNS Titan End User Security product with the assurance that your network is securely protected.

TCPWave partners with M.Tech Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd. to provide enhanced DDI solutions for enterprises.

This collaboration will lead to the network spread worldwide with one unified solution that modernizes enterprise network solutions.

Hyderabad, IN - May 2021 -TCPWave, a global enterprise acclaimed by Gartner, providing modern DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management solutions, and M.Tech Solutions (India) Pvt. Ltd, a global leader in offering cybersecurity and network performance solutions, aims at delivering best-in-class DDI and Security solutions across a wide range of industries to emphasize efficiency, accelerate security outcomes in diverse and heterogeneous global enterprise networks.

TCPWave and Sattrix Announce Technology Partnership to Facilitate, Deliver More Reliable, Effective DDI Solutions for Enterprises!!!

The collaboration will strengthen leading technologies in DDI solutions for security, cloud, and automation frameworks essential for enterprise's digital transformation goals.

Hyderabad, IN - February 2021 -TCPWave, a global enterprise acclaimed by Gartner, provides modern DNS, DHCP, and IP address management solutions, and Sattrix, an IT services company, is supporting customer's digital growth encompassing security consulting, security implementation, and managed services, partner together to deliver market-leading technologies for enterprises looking to increase the efficiency of their DNS and DHCP management infrastructures to enhance the performance, security, and availability of applications across devices, networks, and clouds.

TCPWave announces a Global DNS Migration Hub

DNS Migration: Moving from Legacy solutions to TCPWave’s DNS solutions

Princeton, NJ - May, 2020 -The TCPWave Global DNS Migration Hub is the most secure, extensive, and reliable DNS conversion protocol that securely migrates your current VitalQIP or InfoBlox or BlueCat DDI platform into the TCPWave DDI platform and allows you to perform a global DNS cutover seamlessly. Whether you choose to do a phased migration like just DNS and then a few weeks later, migrate the DHCP components, or do the DNS and DHCP migration in one go, TCPWave provides you with the best utilities to perform a coherent migration.

TCPWave proudly announces the release of 11.30 with multi-threaded processing of DHCP and DDNS updates, improved analytics and more

Process a very large number of transactions at a fast rate in the TCPWave IPAM

Princeton, NJ - February, 2020 - TCPWave, Inc. announced today the release of 11.30 with multiple improvements and enhancements to the security, reliability and analytics.

TCPWave releases High Availability solution using Network Intelligence

Ultra Practical High Availability Solutions with Network Intelligence

Princeton, NJ - August, 2019 - TCPWave, Inc. announced today the best High Availability solution in the market to support its customers' requirements. High availability is a priority in their network and application performance management architecture. This is addressed with the 11.28 release. The automated mesh of management appliances with network intelligence is a significant benefit that enterprises can obtain with the TCPWave IPAM.

TCPWave's DNS TITAN enhances network security using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Techniques

Secure DNS using the TCPWave‘s next gen DNS security product

Princeton, NJ - June, 2019 - TCPWave Inc today announced the global availability of DNS TITAN ( TCPWave Infrastructure Tracer and Analyzer) to secure, monitor and prevent DNS Tunnels. With Machine Learning as the core technology, DNS TITAN can detect malicious domains and hosts on live DNS traffic. A RandomForestClassifier algorithm from powerful scikit python library pre-trained with malicious data and white reputation data, fed with numerical features such as entropy, lexican, length etc., extracted from DNS queries classifies the traffic and labels the queries.

TCPWave releases TIMS 11.22 (Santa Lola) with enhanced functionality

Reconcile DNS into Central IP Management using the TCPWave IPAM Anycloud workloads

Princeton, NJ - October, 2018 - TCPWave Inc today announced that the TCPWave AnyCloud software platform is now supported in Microsoft Azure Stack, Google Cloud Engine and Amazon Web Services. At the core of the TCPWave Anycloud platform is the TCPWave IPAM that, when combined with TCPWave T-Scanner software, provides consistent and secure networking operations and telemetry across multiple public and private cloud environments and is designed to simplify integration and management of hybrid clouds for enterprise customers.

TCPWave releases IPAM with TSCAN support

Expanded IPAM for Cloud deployments with built in monitoring, capacity planning and discovery will streamline your business.

Princeton, NJ - July, 2015 - TCPWave, Inc. (, the leading IP Address Management software provider for the next generation Cloud Computing Enterprises, announced improved IP Address Management solution with a network scanner. Available in the latest version of TCPWave IPAM 11.5, our TSCAN engine discovers your entire network starting from the backbone and collects all it’s information in one place, helping to make better sense of your IT environment availability data., this new scanner is FREE add-on to our existing customers.