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Hyderabad, India - April 23, 2024 - TCPWave, a leader in technology solutions, is proud to announce its participation in one of the most esteemed cybersecurity and privacy conferences today. The conference, held on April 23, 2024, in Hyderabad, specifically aimed at enhancing the cybersecurity framework for the Telangana Government departments. It has brought together experts from across the nation and around the globe.

This significant event has seen participation from 350 product-based companies, each bringing forth their innovations and insights into the evolving world of cybersecurity and privacy. TCPWave's involvement underscores its commitment to supporting governmental efforts to secure digital infrastructures and ensure the privacy of citizen data.

Conference Highlights

  • Industry Participation: With over 350 product-based companies, the event was a hotspot for cutting-edge solutions and discussions on cybersecurity trends.
  • Government Collaboration: The conference served as a collaborative platform for government departments to interact directly with technology providers like TCPWave.
  • Focus on Cybersecurity: The primary agenda was to address the pressing cybersecurity challenges faced by government entities and explore viable solutions.

TCPWave's role in the conference not only emphasizes our expertise in managing and securing network communications but also aligns with our mission to empower government sectors through advanced technology. We are dedicated to delivering solutions that uphold the highest standards of security and efficiency.

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TCPWave, Inc. pioneered software-driven, cognitive cloud networking for large-scale hybrid cloud data centers and campus environments. TCPWave's award-winning platforms redefine and deliver availability, agility, automation, analytics, and security. In addition, TCPWave has a proven track record of serving billions of DNS requests with a 99.999% SLA. Committed to open standards across private, public, and hybrid cloud solutions, TCPWave products are supported worldwide directly and through OEM partners.

TCPWave is renowned for its robust and innovative technology solutions that cater to various sectors including government, finance, and healthcare. With a focus on reliability and security, TCPWave continues to be at the forefront of technological advancements. Additional information and resources can be found at

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