Alice: Revolutionizing Network Management with AI

Empowering precision and efficiency in DDI and ADC operations


Optimize, Secure, Simplify: Alice transforms network management

In an era where network efficiency and security are paramount, TCPWave presents Alice, an innovative smartphone app designed to redefine the landscape of DDI (DNS, DHCP, IPAM) and ADC (Application Delivery Controller) management. With its cutting-edge AI and natural language processing capabilities, Alice empowers network engineers and administrators to manage and optimize their core network infrastructure with unprecedented ease and precision.


Comprehensive DDI and ADC Management

  • Alice offers a holistic solution for managing DNS, DHCP, SLB, GSLB, and WAF, ensuring seamless network performance and security.

Intelligent Fault and Performance Management

  • Proactively monitor and address network issues with Alice's advanced fault and performance management features.

Configuration Assurance

  • Maintain optimal network configurations with Alice's real-time assurance capabilities, reducing the risk of downtime and vulnerabilities.

Expert-Like Answers

  • Get instant, expert-like answers to complex network engineering questions related to DDI and ADC, enhancing decision-making and troubleshooting.
Streamlining Network Management with AI

Alice is not just an app; it's a comprehensive network management tool that integrates the functionalities of DNS, DHCP, SLB, GSLB, and WAF into a single platform. By leveraging advanced AI algorithms, Alice interprets and executes user commands in natural language, simplifying the complexities of DDI and ADC management. This intuitive interface eliminates the need for extensive technical knowledge, allowing users to focus on strategic network optimization. Threat intelligence sees a boost with Alice.

AI-Powered Network Resilience

With Alice, network engineers can proactively monitor and manage network performance and security. The app's intelligent fault management system quickly identifies and alerts users to potential issues, while its performance management features ensure that the network operates at peak efficiency. This proactive approach minimizes downtime and ensures a smooth, uninterrupted user experience.

Ensuring Configuration Integrity

Configuration assurance is another critical aspect of Alice's capabilities. The app continuously monitors network configurations, ensuring they align with best practices and compliance requirements. This real-time assurance helps prevent configuration drift and reduces the risk of security breaches, providing peace of mind for network administrators.

Accelerating Network Expertise with AI

One of the most remarkable features of Alice is its ability to provide expert-like answers to complex network engineering questions. Whether it's a query about DDI optimization or ADC strategies, Alice leverages its extensive knowledge base to deliver accurate and insightful responses. This feature empowers network professionals to make informed decisions quickly, enhancing the overall efficiency and security of the network infrastructure.


Transform Your Network Management with Alice: Your AI-Powered DDI and ADC Assistant

TCPWave Security

Alice represents a significant leap forward in network management technology. By combining the power of AI with natural language processing, TCPWave has created a tool that not only simplifies the complexities of DDI and ADC management but also enhances network performance and security. With Alice, network engineers and administrators can confidently manage their core network infrastructure, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. Embrace the future of network management with Alice and unlock the full potential of your network infrastructure.