TCPWave DDI - UI & UX Enhancements



Inadequate User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) would always hamper an application as the organization's attention span is notoriously low in the digital era. As technology advances faster, every organization looks forward to having a well-designed, intuitive UI. Organizations invest in highly interactive UI & UX to ramp up the return on investment (ROI). The UI is an essential part of UX design. As the saying goes, "A UI without UX is like a painter painting onto canvas without thought, while a UX without UI is like the frame of a sculpture with no paper mache on it." Hence organizations aim at a UI and UX that is both aesthetically appealing and easy to interact with. This white paper provides insights into the redesigned TCPWave IPAM UI and UX.


The redesigned UI of the TCPWave DDI application v11.32P3 supports both dark and light mode themes. It has an attractive, responsive, progressive, and efficient UI that optimizes the UX with a noticeable difference on a laptop with a 4k resolution. The new Inferno UI mode enhances the contrast of your organization's different types of screen resolutions. It automatically renders the appropriate DDI UI content to a smartphone, laptop, or desktop with a large display. It supports various modern browsers and performs tens of thousands of modifications within a few seconds without any network propagation delays. A new UI design appears as follows:

Graphical user interface

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Business Advantages

With the redesigned UI of the TCPWave DDI application, the end-users can experience good color contrast and possess helpful navigations with the right amount of information. With this, the journey of the end-users is frictionless. It is simple and consistent all over the application. Additionally, the UI is supplemented with informative icons for the color-blind end-users. Thus, it enhances end-user engagement and satisfaction.


TCPWave offers a single pane of glass to manage your on-prem DNS and your cloud DNS with an extremely well-engineered user interface that elegantly empowers our backend technology. The TCPWave's backend technology is built on robust and resilient pillars to handle high DNS traffic volumes. With a modern UI with many wizards and help screens, the TCPWave DDI controller is extremely easy to deploy, learn, use, and teach. For a quick demo, contact the TCPWave Sales Team.