TCPWave Integrations vRA



VMWare recently released their cloud management platform offering with the latest version - vRealize Automation 8.2. This product comes with a complete redesign from their predecessor vRA7 platform. Built on modern container-based microservices architecture, HTML5 user interfaces and new APIs, it offers a new way to integrate core network services from TCPWave, such as DNS and IPAM.

With the advent of latest automation trends, TCPWave introduces a new IPAM plugin for vRA. TCPWave plugin provides integration with vRA8.2 and vRA Cloud and will be made available on VMware Solution Exchange marketplace. The TCPWave plugin works with vRA Cloud Assembly using Action Based Extensibility (ABX), VMware's serverless function capability. With these extensibility actions, TCPWave plugin allows you to allocate IP space for networks, allocate IP addresses for virtual machines, create DNS records for these new VMs, and cleanup unused resources. TCPWave IPAM's extensible attributes provide additional capabilities to store valuable data about your VMware deployments and resources.

The current 1.1 version of the TCPWave plugin has these actions seamlessly integrated:

The TCPWave plugin for vRA 8.2 extends your TCPWave DDI services into the VMware cloud management environment. With TCPWave, you can automate IPAM and DNS services when deploying or tearing down resources in your VMware cloud.