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Hyderabad - April 2, 2024 - TCPWave Inc., an innovator in the realms of network management and cybersecurity solutions, is excited to declare a key strategic discussion with Jayesh Ranjan, the Secretary of Information Technology for the Government of Telangana, and Dr. Sriram Birudavolu from the Cybersecurity Centre of Excellence. The dialogue centered around the evolution of cybersecurity measures and incubation prospects for emerging technologies.

In what can be marked as a groundbreaking conclave, the TCPWave Steering Committee and the distinguished personalities explored the frontiers of cybersecurity innovation, the transformative prospects of TCPWave's offerings, and the collective efforts to fortify data protection.

Jayesh Ranjan outlined a strategic roadmap to integrate TCPWave's AI/ML based DDI and ADC solutions across state data infrastructures, emphasizing the critical need for robust security measures in the contemporary digital domain. He highlighted TCPWave's potential to capture a segment of the expansive 2 trillion dollar global cybersecurity market through strategic alignment with esteemed initiatives of NASSCOM.

Dr. Sriram Birudavolu shared profound insights on nurturing cybersecurity prowess and pledged support for TCPWave's incubation, aimed at catapulting the brand into crucial markets and expanding its global impact. The discourse also revolved around enhancing the BPO ecosystem and establishing a confluence for CISOs to share wisdom and industry practices.

The gathering set forth initiatives for joint ventures with illustrious academies like the CR Rao Institute, IIT Hyderabad, and NIT Warangal to augment cybersecurity research and talent cultivation. This initiative aspires to raise a cadre of cybersecurity connoisseurs and pioneers.

In alignment with its commitment to community development, TCPWave has pledged to foster Telangana's communal spirit by supporting technological hackathons, engaging in local benevolent activities, and marking its presence at the imminent Internet Society of India network event.

TCPWave reiterates its dedication to being a pivotal force in shaping Telangana into a cybersecurity fortress, echoing its core principles of novelty, security, and societal participation.

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