Enforcing Consistency with ACL Templates

Enhancing DNS security with TCPWave DDI: Exploring the power of DNS ACLs


Take control of DNS access: TCPWave's dynamic ACL Management.

In the dynamic landscape of DNS (Domain Name System), maintaining robust security measures is crucial. TCPWave's DDI (DNS, DHCP, and IP Address Management) solution offers advanced capabilities to enforce security and consistency through the use of DNS ACLs (Access Control Lists). The TCPWave DDI solution employs ACL templates on DNS appliances, ensuring uniformity and standardization in ACL definitions. This approach guarantees that ACL configurations across multiple DNS appliances remain consistent, reducing the risk of misconfigurations or discrepancies. Administrators can rely on pre-defined ACL templates or create custom templates based on their specific requirements.

Allow-Query ACLs

  • These ACLs control which IP addresses or network ranges are allowed to send DNS query requests to the DNS server.

Allow-Transfer ACLs

  • These ACLs determine which IP addresses or DNS appliances are allowed to perform zone transfers from the DNS server.

Allow-Update ACLs

  • These ACLs regulate which IP addresses or clients are allowed to update DNS records.

Allow-Notify ACLs

  • These ACLs govern which DNS appliances are allowed to send notifications of zone changes to the master DNS server.
Advanced ACL Capabilities

Our solution goes beyond the standard ACL types, allowing administrators to create custom ACLs that suit their specific needs. The custom ACLs can be nested, enabling complex rule sets for enhanced control over DNS traffic. TCPWave supports IP-based ACLs, network-based ACLs, and even TSIG (Transaction Signature) ACLs, providing administrators with granular control over DNS access.

Seamless Management and Immediate Propagation

Our solution simplifies ACL management through its centralized management layer. Any changes made to ACL configurations on the management layer are immediately propagated across all DNS appliances, ensuring consistency and eliminating the need for manual updates on each device.

Our solution empowers administrators with powerful DNS ACL capabilities to enforce security, consistency, and flexibility in DNS configurations. By leveraging ACL templates, administrators can maintain uniformity across multiple DNS appliances, reducing the risk of misconfigurations. The support for various ACL types, custom ACLs, and immediate propagation of changes enables precise control over DNS traffic and enhances the overall security posture. The ACLs can be defined, updated or deleted using the web interface, CLI or API. TCPWave DDI's robust search engine further aids administrators in understanding and managing ACL implementations effectively, providing a comprehensive solution for DNS security and management.