Migration from Microsoft DNS & DHCP to Centralized Services

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In a transformative journey, a large technology enterprise migrated from fragmented Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers to TCPWave's centralized services, tackling challenges of scalability, security, and management efficiency. This migration involved transitioning over 220 DNS zones and 300k users across various locations to TCPWave, streamlining administration and bolstering network performance. The shift not only enhanced security and scalability but also dramatically reduced management costs and improved compliance processes. This success story underscores the strategic advantage of TCPWave's centralized DNS and DHCP solutions for modern IT infrastructures.

premier financial institution case study

Our client, a large Technology enterprise with a complex IT infrastructure, relied on disparate Microsoft DNS and DHCP servers for name resolution and IP address assignment. This siloed approach led to management challenges, limited scalability, and increased security risks. They sought a centralized solution for improved efficiency, scalability, and enhanced security.


A total of 220+ DNS Zones have been migrated to TCPWave with 300k users also getting migrated from Microsoft DHCP to TCPWave DHCP Services across all locations/office branches. TCPWave successfully migrated the client from Microsoft DNS and DHCP to our centralized DNS and DHCP services.

premier financial institution case study
premier financial institution case study

  • Unified Management: A single platform for managing all DNS and DHCP services, simplifying administration and reducing operational overhead.
  • Enhanced Scalability: Effortless scaling to accommodate fluctuating network demands, ensuring uninterrupted service delivery during peak usage periods.
  • Advanced Security: Robust security features like role-based access control, zone transfers, and dynamic updates safeguard against unauthorized access and malicious attacks.
  • Improved Performance: Optimized DNS resolution and faster DHCP lease allocation for a smoother user experience.
  • Simplified Compliance: Automated reporting and audit logging facilitate compliance with industry regulations and internal security policies.

Following the migration to TCPWave's centralized services, the client experienced significant improvements:

  • Reduced Management Costs: 50% reduction in administrator effort due to centralized management.
  • Enhanced Security: No security incidents reported since migration, attributing to stronger security features.
  • Faster Performance: Reduction in average DNS resolution time, leading to improved user experience.
  • Streamlined Compliance: Automated reports ensured effortless compliance with internal and external regulations.
premier financial institution case study

By migrating to TCPWave's centralized DNS and DHCP services, our client achieved significant improvements in manageability, scalability, security, performance, and compliance. This migration demonstrates the value proposition of TCPWave solution for enterprises seeking to optimize their network infrastructure and streamline IT operations.