Disaster Recovery
An Active-Passive Cluster Configuration.
Active Directory

TCPWave's IPAM provides a sophisticated "Disaster Recovery" (DR) mechanism, just in case the IPAM goes down for any reason, to provide a stable service to the users. There are two IPAM appliances in the setup and one IPAM manages all the DNS and DHCP appliances. This active IPAM appliance is known as the Master IPAM appliance. The other IPAM appliance, however, is passive and is known as a slave IPAM appliance. All the data from the Master IPAM appliance gets replicated to the slave IPAM appliance which forms an active-passive setup. If for any reason, the master IPAM appliance goes down, the slave IPAM appliance can be brought up and all of the DNS and DHCP appliances automatically get connected to it for management purposes. Switching between the master and slave IPAM appliances is seamless. The IPAM uses the latest technologies like Galera Cluster Technology to replicate the data from master to slave appliances and provide a superior disaster recovery solution to the enterprises.

High Availability