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Dashboards are a way to envisage the most crucial information at a glance. Every application comes with a pre-defined dashboard. While the pre-defined dashboard may suffice, the actual usefulness of dashboards lies in the ability to create and customize it. TCPWave offers two dashboards; one is "Pre-defined Dashboard," and the other is "Custom Dashboard." This whitepaper provides insights into the Custom Dashboard.

TCPWave's Custom Dashboard

The capability to visualize data is highly significant in today's technology-driven business landscape. Therefore, the TCPWave's Custom Dashboard enables you to analyze a set of comprehensive data from across the entire application in a single pane of glass on the home screen. It offers wide-ranging capabilities of visualizing different statistics, alerts, graphical summaries of reports organized in various customized widgets. The displayed statistics include network, subnet, object, zone, resource record details, and other measurable information. All the quantifiable information is displayed in various formats such as graphs, pie, histograms, etc. You can manage the displayed data, which improves the usability experience tailored to your enterprise requirements.

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Advantages of Custom Dashboard
How To Customise Dashboard Using TCPWave IPAM GUI

The content above and sections on creating and editing Custom Dashboard is available in a complete document, which you can access by using the download button below.

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