Utilize Azure Cloud using TCPWave DDI

TCPWave provides a single pane of glass through which IT administrators can manage DNS zone data across various public clouds and always keep them in sync with on premise DNS instances. TCPWave DDI comes with inbuilt cloud hooks which can be used to extend the infrastructure operations into the public clouds such as Azure.

TCPWave provides pre-built DNS cloud image for Microsoft Azure Cloud that can be launched on demand from the TCPWave DDI interface whenever required. Thus, it becomes easy to scale up or scale down the DNS instances in the cloud in accordance with the DNS query traffic. This kind of instantaneous spinning up DNS instances as needed across multiple clouds helps absorb even massive IoT based DDoS attacks.

Benefits of TCPWave DDI with Azure

Azure AD: TCPWave supports integration of multiple AD forests. Simply add your AD servers in TCPWave IPAM and point them to TCPWave DNS instances. TCPWave’s DNS which is customized for multiple AD server updates, keeps the IPAM and AD DNS Data in sync.

Provision TCPWave DNS Instances: TCPWave provides pre baked DNS images customized for Azure cloud. You can simply bring up and destroy multiple DNS instances according to your DNS traffic with ease. Contact us to learn more.