Free DNS Virtual Machine Download
TCPWave Inc is proud to provide a free Virtual Machine to assist you in managing your DNS environment more efficiently. In a small sized organization, management of DNS zones can be a challenging task, especially when you have a mixture of Wintel, Linux servers, Virtual servers, routers, printers etc. As the size of your organization grows, the management of the IPs using a spreadsheet adds an operational overhead. Using a simple free DNS VM, you can stabilize your DNS infrastructure without learning the in-depth security concepts of DNS. When you add a new entry to the TCPWave DNS VM, changes get replicated instantaneously without any propagation delays. Click here to learn more.

DNS Packet Response Filter
TCPWave Inc’s DNS Shield adds intelligence into the DNS Application layer by discarding unwanted DNS requests and responses that can potentially poison your mission critical DNS infrastructure. Click here to learn more about TCPWave’s DNS Shield technology.

DDOS Threat Mitigation
TCPWave Inc’s stateful packet inspection engine on the DNS Cache appliances allows you to define DNS specific rules to drop MX/AAAA/NS records for inbound DNS requests. Administrators can also define an upper threshold of maximum queries per second for any client so that no single client can pose any DDOS attack. Administrators can also define rules to drop DNS requests to a set of user defined blacklisted domains. Contact Us to learn more about these enhanced DNS security features.

Organizations are moving to TCPWave because of demonstrated superiority and excellence in the following areas:

  • TCPWave built its foundation through years of experience with Cisco routing and switching technologies. Our team is well-versed in configuring & troubleshooting routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF and static routing, RHEL 5/6 internals, performance tuning and supporting large TCPWave DNS appliance rollouts. We have relied on these skills for solving the most complex DNS, and DHCP problems for our customers. Most large enterprise firms have silos of various teams that manage the network infrastructure and it becomes a challenge to pin point the root cause that prevents the network from functioning properly. Given our extensive skills in the platform, storage and compute arenas, we frequently bridge the gap between various groups in developing network solutions that rely on routing infrastructure technologies. Our clients have leveraged our network engineering expertise to deliver numerous troubleshooting exercises and product development projects.  Contact Us.

  • We offer Network Automation software development using PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, HTML, JavaScript, Java, and Open Source Software. We have experts in MySQL and MongoDB. We believe that writing code from scratch is not needed in most scenarios. We bring the best solution – be it open source based or home grown to your enterprise. We have delivered numerous projects and tools to our customers that relied heavily on the combination of our network product-specific knowledge and software development skills. We have expertise in developing intelligent J2EE applications that can be easily rolled out in your infrastructure. Our product development and support teams guarantee that your deployment is performed seamlessly. Contact Us.

  • Risk comes in many different flavors, including functional, financial, operational, and security risk. Every process of network information security should first address the following questions:

    • Which are the threats that the network infrastructure is facing from a core network services perspective?
    • Which are the probable threats and what would be their consequence, if exploited internally or externally?

    When it comes to implementing and supporting your mission critical DNS, DHCP and IPAM  environment, it is vital that all of these types of risk are mitigated, reduced, contained, or eliminated all together. At TCPWave, we give a top priority to Information Security. We strive to make your network more secure by adding proactive and reactive tools that scan the devices providing core network services and we can alert you before a threat can cause you downtime.  Contact Us.

  • Right placement of devices that provide core network services is a task that requires extensive expertise and experience in understanding the routing and server protocols. Proper strategic & tactical planning will ensure that there is no lack of direction and vision in your environment. Anycast routing, DNS & DHCP are mission critical network services and are considered one of the cornerstones of networking technologies that cannot be overlooked. So, when it comes to planning out your DNS related project, let us help you create the proper short- and long-term plan for you.  Contact Us.

  • TCPWave has the right people to do the DNS design or redesign for your enterprise. Today’s network design and planning are complex and require skilled, trained, and knowledgeable staff. Is your company struggling to find top talent with all the requisite skills in DNS & DHCP technologies? We are here to help you. We can design a DNS/DHCP/IPAM solution for you, secure your network, engineer and rollout an Anycast DNS solution in your internal network, monitor your network internally and externally and much more. Contact Us.

Some of TCPWave’s growing list of clients include