The TCPWave IP Address management solution (DDI) is now available to automate your Cloud Infrastructure.

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We develop secure software solutions and appliances for cloud computing

SDN Solutions

TCPWave uses Software Defined Networking that will change the way you build networks forever. The ease of deployment of secure appliances for cloud computing by Dell is the core fabric for our success. Our secure appliances self provision with the management running intelligent configuration assurance policies periodically.

DDI Solutions

The IP Address Management from TCPWave is now in a beta phase. DNS and DHCP Infrastructure is known as DDI. Learn more why the IP Address Management software (IPAM) from TCPWave is the right solution for your enterprise. We guarantee you that our solution is the best in the IPAM space for the cloud computing enterprises.

Database Appliances

The TCPWave database solutions, built to maximize the business value of IT, provide rapid delivery of optimized and reliable infrastructure. Your customized Oracle database, with your management tools is pre-built by TCPWave and is hardened. It is then shipped out globally using our partnership with Dell.

TCPWave Load Balancer

The TCPWave Load Balancer appliance is managed by TCPWave’s IPAM and offers Application Layer health checks for a more efficient and robust load balancing flows over the network. Our Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) solution simplifies the policies, configuration and deployment.

Having a smarter, faster and cheaper Sharkcage appliance for Oracle database applications, supported by a team that is composed of experts—that they know how to build it to follow all of the best practices is going to make our environment management much, much, much simpler for our financial customers. Ric Cmiel

Senior Executive, Dell