Dual DNS Appliance

TCPWave is the first and only DNS service provider to offer an advanced DNS appliance with extensive features. Our two flavors of DNS backup one another and provide additional resiliency to your mission critical DNS infrastructure against DDOS attacks. Our DNS appliances constantly monitor the DNS traffic patterns and alert you when unusual spikes occur.

Shark Cage Appliance

Dell/TCPWave’s Shark Cage is a Dell OEM solution to provide a superior low cost alternative for Windows users running mission critical applications in a High Performance Computing grid, with solid, user-friendly installation and configuration tools. Integrated SNMP enables you to monitor the key performance indicators for the cloud based applications.


The world’s first IPAM based on a stable non-BIND solution is being designed by TCPWave. In Q4, 2014, TCPWave Inc will be releasing the first beta version of a management suite for DHCP, DNS and IP Address management (DDI) which include salient features such as – cloud integration, superior workflow management, BIND, Unbound, Yadifa support etc.

DNS Firewall

TCPWave Inc’s DNS Shield adds intelligence into the DNS Application layer by discarding unwanted DNS requests and responses that can potentially poison your mission critical DNS infrastructure. Contact us to learn more about these enhanced DNS security features.

Oracle/TCPWave Appliance

The Dell/Oracle Engineered Platform is managed end-to-end by Dell and TCPWave. The TCPWave support offers the advantages of TCPWave’s ultra-secure hardened Shark Cage Appliance. The Oracle Shark cage Appliance eliminates the necessity of the Oracle DBA to build and configure the DB.

Software Download

TCPWave Inc is proud to provide a free Virtual Machine to assist you in managing your DNS environment more efficiently. Using a simple free DNS VM, you can stabilize your DNS infrastructure without learning the in-depth security concepts of DNS.

Having a smarter, faster and cheaper Sharkcage appliance for Oracle database applications, supported by a team that is composed of experts—that they know how to build it to follow all of the best practices is going to make our environment management much, much, much simpler for our financial customers. 
—Ric Cmiel, Account Executive, Dell

Network Engineering

TCPWave built its foundation through years of experience with Cisco routing and switching technologies. Our team is well-versed in configuring & troubleshooting routing protocols such as BGP, OSPF and static routing, LINUX internals, performance tuning and supporting large TCPWave DNS appliance rollouts. We have relied on these skills for solving the most complex DNS, and DHCP problems for our customers. Given our extensive skills in the platform, storage and compute arenas, we frequently bridge the gap between various technologies by developing network solutions that suit each customer's unique requirements.

Network Automation

TCPWave offers Network Automation software development using PHP, Python, Perl, Ruby on Rails, HTML, JavaScript, Java, and Open Source Software. We have experts in MySQL and MongoDB. We believe that writing code from scratch is not needed in most scenarios. We bring the best solution - be it open source based or home grown to your enterprise. We have delivered numerous projects and tools to our customers that relied heavily on the combination of our network product-specific knowledge and software development skills. Our product development and support teams guarantee that your deployment is performed seamlessly.

Network Monitoring

TCPWave offers an exclusive monitoring service to instantly identify performance and availability problems with your DNS service. Our dashboards have predefined alerts and they have an ability for defining custom alerts. We enable you to optimize and protect the speed and uptime of your DNS, website, applications and infrastructure with unmatched analytics, alerting and troubleshooting. We have the ability to send you SNMP alerts, SMS texts and emails when we detect problems. Monitor your entire IT infrastructure and detect problems before they occur, detect security breaches and deduce downtime and business losses using our global pollers.


TCPWave Virtual Appliance

TCPWave’s Virtual appliance has been redesigned. Smarter integration hooks into SNMP, a powerful dashboard with analytics and integration with the TCPWave IPAM (beta) are some of the salient features. TCPWave is the first and only DNS service provider to offer … Read More

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Dell TCPWave Partnership

TCPWave has partnered with Dell to deliver the Sharkcage appliance globally. Customers can contact Dell Sales Team and obtain a customized SharkCage Appliances. Enterprises can now deploy applications on a hardened TCPWave Linux operating system that’s engineered for your specific … Read More


HP TCPWave Partnership

We are excited to announce that we have joined the HP’s Software Network Management Vendor Relationship Program, in order to provide device support for HP Network Node Manager (NNMi) and HP Network Automation (NA). As part of this Program, we’ll now be offering a more fine grained … Read More


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