Welcome to the world of modern Java with IPAM technology fast forwarded into the future 100 times.

With over 250 RESTAPI calls, CLIs and shell access, the TCPWave IPAM is a paradise for programmers.

Parallel management of Route53, Azure, Google, Dyn, EasyDNS, Cloud VPC DNS and Data Center DNS.

Born in the cloud, for the cloud,  secures the cloud and automates the cloud.

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The reports and analytics you can derive from the TCPWave IPAM are simply amazing.

Milliseconds to update DNS when 6000 bulk DNS changes were done.

Performing a DNS push or a DHCP push is now history.

Integration with HPNA, Arcsight, InfoVista, EMC Smarts, VMWare and many more.

Search live DNS/DHCP logs from all the remotes from the TCPWave IPAM’s Web Interface.

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TCPWave discovery auto-populates your entire IPAM.

TCPWave can customize the IPAM for your specific needs.

The dashboard for DNS and DHCP management is the best.

You can manage DNS and DHCP from your smartphone.

DNS Firewall, AD Integration, Granular permissions, DNSSEC, Views and much more.

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TCPWave DNS caches come with a stateful firewall to drop REGEX matches of a DNS queries.

DNS RPZ support with a wide variety of reputation feeds from multiple providers.

The TCPWave cache converts itself into a standalone master when isolated.

About an hour to migrate millions of DNS/DHCP definitions from legacy IPAMs to TCPWave.

Sunset your 3 year mandatory refresh of the DNS blackboxes with the TCPWave appliances at half the price and a 5 year software refresh.

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Enterprise IT Solutions from TCPWave (A Dell OEM Partner)

SDN Solutions

TCPWave uses Software Defined Networking that will change the way you build networks forever. The ease of deployment of secure appliances for cloud computing by Dell is the core fabric for our success. Our secure appliances self provision with the management running intelligent configuration assurance policies periodically.

DDI Solutions

The IP Address Management from TCPWave is now available for commercial use. DNS and DHCP Infrastructure is known as DDI. Learn more why the IP Address Management software (IPAM) from TCPWave is the right solution for your enterprise. We guarantee you that our solution is the best in the IPAM space for the cloud computing enterprises.

Smart Asset Management

Zookeeper is a powerful asset management solution from TCPWave. It leverages the power of the Dell RFID technology and the TCPWave network discovery. Customers can visualize the geographic breakdown of the IT assets, visualize total costs for each vendor and get an exact location of any given IP address in an enterprise.

Amazon EC2 Hosting

TCPWave IPAM in AWS is designed to allow enterprises, application providers, ISVs and vendors to quickly and securely manage the DNS infrastructure in the private clouds. You can use the TCPWave IPAM hosted in AWS to securely provision your internal DNS/DHCP. You can also manage AWS Route 53 DNS using our RestAPI methods.

Manage your cloud like never before!

Manage Your Cloud Infrastructure

Manage your entire cloud infrastructure with TCPWave’s IPAM. TCPWave’s IPAM is built with Cloud technology in mind. It easily integrates with your existing cloud environment whether it is a public or private cloud. You can manage all your cloud assets from a single interface.

Powerful REST API

TCPWave’s REST API tools provide you a way to rapidly streamline your core network services with automation. Automate DNS Resource Record add, modify and deletes using a programming language of your choice.

On Demand DNS and DHCP

With TCPWave IPAM’s Cloud Aware technology, you can easily instantiate TCPWave’s DNS and DHCP appliances on demand.

What’s new from TC2 (TCPWave Cloud Computing)

A powerful search engine

TCPWave has taken the network analytics to a next level by allowing you to search your IP Address Management database that integrates with your Asset Management database. The search is fast and it gives you a Google like result in less than a second. Contact us to learn more.

Monitoring your Core Infrastructure

TCPWave IPAM Release 11.5 gives you a rich dashboard with various charts and reports. It also  allows you to send alerts from your entire DNS Infrastructure to EMC SMARTS, IBM Tivoli, HP NNM. The powerful global options facilitate this seamless integration. Contact us to learn more.

If External DNS Fails, So Does Your Digital Business

“Without properly functioning external DNS, Internet-based resources may disappear without warning. For enterprises with Web and cloud-based applications and content,….” Bob Gill, Gartner Learn More.


1 year

TCPWave customers typically realize a return on investment in 12 months.


TCPWave customers increased the reliability of DNS to 99.9999% from 92%.


TCPWave customers prevented 729 DNS outages caused by human errors


TCPWave products are built with modern programming tools with security and speed.

4 of 6

Four of the top six global financial institutions use TCPWave products.

5.5 million

TCPWave software can auto discover 5,500,000 assets in 24 hours.

Our Success Stories

“TCPWave was incredibly talented at understanding our network topology and engineering an automated IP management solution that significantly reduced our operating expenses. ”  


“TCPWave is an amazing company. From Network Automation to IP Management, their thoughtful, professional, always-flexible approach made our infrastructure scalable and manageable.” 


“I am impressed with the engineering effort that TCPWave has embedded into their IP Management software. I see TCPWave as a new emerging leader in the Network Management arena”  


 “Having a smarter, faster and cheaper Sharkcage appliance for Oracle database applications is going to make our environment management simpler for our financial customers.“

Ric Cmiel

Senior Executive, Dell

“TCPWave’s IPAM  for cloud DNS automation has simplified deployment cycles for our application environments with ease and keeps them running 24/7. TC2 not only provides a seamless visibility into core network infrastructure services, but can also dynamically scale applications in the cloud leveraging by its powerful API engine.”

Michael Schmidt, SCB Inc