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TCPWave is currently offering a free Virtual Machine that runs DNS software an a beta IPAM VM for DDI management. Running DNS in a virtual machine has been simplified with the TCPWave's virtual machine. The ease of deployment, consolidation of servers, cost reduction and the ability to run DNS in an extremely secured fashion are some of the main advantages that TCPWave brings with its free and commercial DNS virtual machines.

Reduce Costs

Reduces Operational Costs : Lesser physical hardware implies lesser costs. We fully leverage all the benefits of virtualization using our virtual appliances.

Server Consolidation

Server Consolidation: Organizations maintain and manage a growing number of applications and services, which often run on their own servers or dedicated appliances. Dedicated appliances provide customers with a secure solution that combines the operating system and application into one easy to use server. However, in most cases, these appliances are using only a fraction of their overall capacity, leaving untapped resources unavailable to the rest of the network. TCPWave’s hardened virtual appliances give customers all the benefits of a dedicated physical appliance, but with the added advantage of allowing customers to consolidate multiple servers in a virtual environment, thereby improving security, maximizing the server utilization and minimizing the operating costs.

Decrease Footprint

Decrease Footprint: Physical space comes at a premium and is very costly to organizations. As networks have grown, so has the space needed to accommodate the servers and appliances that run the networks. In order to reduce the space needed in a data center, organizations need to reduce their server footprint. TCPWave’s virtual appliances eliminate the need for customers to deploy physical servers, which only increase the data center footprint. By deploying TCPWave’s virtual appliances, customers benefit from reduction in costly data center real estate and energy consumption.

Ease of Deployment

Ease of Deployment: Virtual appliances are much more easily deployed than physical appliances. Removing the need to mount and rack actual servers, TCPWave’s virtual appliances provide customers with an easily installed virtual instance that can be loaded and initiated in a matter of minutes. As organizations grow their business, new virtual appliances can be deployed quickly to accommodate the additional capacity required.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery : Virtual appliances provide an additional layer of disaster recovery with hardware independence. The disaster recovery will be much faster than a hardware appliance based solution since restart times of virtual appliances are only a fraction of that of physical servers. Virtual appliances can be migrated from one physical server to another without downtime to optimize workloads or facilitate zero downtime maintenance. The built-in resiliency of virtualization solutions enable quick and accurate automatic disaster recovery. The ability to easily create virtual appliance labs enables organizations to test and maintain a disaster recovery process with little effort.

TCPWave’s DNS  virtual appliances are based on alternate technologies, which are not ISC based. Combining TCPWave’s secure operating system with email or Intelligent Anycast DNS, NTP and TFTP provides customers with a virtual appliance that can be easily deployed and maintained. The table below compares the two different types of virtual machines that TCPWave offers to its clients. Contact us to learn more.

Feature Free Version Premium Version
Hardened OS
Primary DNS
Secondary DNS
Anycast Routing
Black Hole Detection
Auto Restart
DNS Flood Detector
Dashboard Management
Customized Client Tool Sets
Snap Shot - Roll Back
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