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The Challenge

Mission critical applications in a high performance grid cannot be rapidly deployed across global data centers in large enterprises. Applications need scalability, seamless disaster recovery, security and should be easy to deploy. The solution should have a low cost, should be easy to install, manage and upgrade.

The Solution

Dell/TCPWave’s Shark Cage is a Dell OEM solution to provide a superior low cost alternative for Windows users running mission critical applications in a High Performance Computing grid, with solid, user-friendly installation and configuration tools. TCPWave has designed SharkCage appliances with PowerEdge™ servers running on Intel® Xeon® processor E5 family to meet the customers’ most common requests and requirements. They’re built to accelerate performance and expandability, increase productivity, simplify support and incorporate the unique features our customers require. The new rugged SharkCage offers uncompromising enterprise-class performance in harsh environments constrained by size, weight and power. Built to meet industry-specific requirements such as MIL-STD-810G, NEBS Level 3 and ETSI, the SharkCage PowerEdge R430 brings proven quality, reliability, versatility, world-class manageability and durability to your solutions.

Sharkcage Performance
Sharkcage Security
Sharkcage Productivity
Sharkcage Cost
Branch office productivity improved by 94%
Application Latency
Sharkcage dramatically improves the performance of mission critical applications in the branch offices.
Secure your applications
Sharkcage appliances are hardened with the latest technologies and are delivered as an OEM offering to your branches by Dell.
Simplified Global Deployment
Dramatically reduce the time to deploy, upgrade and manage hundreds of devices in multiple branches over a global corporate backbone.
The Results Were Amazing
Join the club of extremely satisfied customers by leveraging the Dell OEM offering of the Sharkcage appliances. Improve your security, simplify your deployments, reduce your costs and serve your clients seamlessly from multiple unmanned data centers or co-lo facilities.
Hardened OS

The appliance comes with a pre loaded, customized, hardened 64-bit, Red Hat Enterprise Linux OS. The kernel is customized by stripping all unnecessary components; thus reducing the number of patches needed and eliminating unnecessary vulnerabilities.


The most secure centralized login management system offered; allowing you to make login password changes from one central location for all appliances. Additionally, the customer can segregate the administrator’s level of authority based on their entitlements. Upon authentication, all keystrokes are logged.

Dashboard management

Customized SNMP works with Customer’s existing toolsets such as InfoVista, AlterPoint, HP NMMI, HP Automation and EMC Smarts, thus eliminating training at the NOC, while improving visibility and management of the appliances.

Auto restart

All the critical components will auto restart if there is an interruption in service or if a problem is detected. The auto restart feature will attempt to fix the problem three times in a span of 15 seconds while notifying the customer’s NOC each step of the way.

24h x 7d support

24 hour worldwide support is available with a 4 hour response time in over 101 countries. In lieu of having the customer’s System Administrator repair or rebuild the appliance, any failed appliances can be pulled from the rack, and replaced with a new appliance.

Snap Shot - Roll Back

If an appliance stops working, the appliance has the ability to roll back the settings to the last known working configuration. This allows the customer to keep the appliance working, while a trouble ticket is being investigated.

TCPWave Route-Health Injection

TCPWave Sharkcage can be configured to check the health of an application hosted on it and “inject”a host route into the network using BGP/OSPF to force a preferred route to the appliance. This logic attracts the clients to the closest device.

Reduce Operating Costs

The Shark Cage appliance comes with pre-installed software to your data centers via the Dell CFI distribution, which means you do not need to spend your valuable money and precious time on obtaining the licenses for the appliances.

We questioned everything and came up with a best solution
Robust Security
Fast Performance
Reduced Costs
Seamless Scalability
Simplified Management
Global Deployment
Disaster Recovery
Reporting and Analytics
Configuration Assurance
Roll out fast global resilient applications with TCPWave’s Sharkcage

Sharkcage deployments is more than just adding servers it delivers server solutions that accelerate your specific workloads and your business. The next-generation of Dell PowerEdge servers was engineered by TCPWave to deliver unmatched performance with greater flexibility.

  1. Next-generation Flash storage and double the storage throughput Save
  2. The latest processors with more cores and up to 15 percent greater memory bandwidth
  3. Flexible local storage with increased densities, capacities and performance options
  4. Shark Cage was built keeping the concept of multitasking in mind. Hence naturally it can do multiple jobs at the same time without down-grading its performance.
  5. Even when the hard disk is almost full, Shark Cage continues to work well.
  6. Shark Cage gives you the choice of customizing the Appliance to extreme levels. No other product in the industry comes close to the wide diversity of choices it offers. You have wide range of choices to choose from the software distributions such as a LAMP stack or your own custom software. TCPWave installs these components on a hardened LINUX kernel and enhances the capabilities by customizing the SNMP module, performance tuning, the type of monitoring and authentication mechanisms etc. For example, TCPWave has a Shark Cage distribution for a DNS server, one for a web server, one for a mail server etc are used by our customers.
  7. Shark Cage is compatible with diverse range of networks and customer tool sets for monitoring.
  8. Shark Cage allows you to install the needed components on top of it and customize it to your organizational requirements. It can be used for high performance mission critical applications too. Shark Cage’s flexibility conveniently defies the logic of one-size-fits all approach.
  9. Shark Cage is the result of TCPWave core product engineering team’s continuous efforts to build an invincible network friendly Appliance that can perform faster and reliable network backups over networks spanning vast geographies.
  10. Shark Cage can handle humongous number of users at any instance. It is time tested for its consistent performance for mission critical applications over complex networks covering large geography
  11. The Shark Cage appliances come with sophisticated hardened Operating System which gives tremendous stability. Over the time you do not need to worry about the system performance or down time due to memory leaks and such. You do not need to periodically reboot the appliance for maintenance and typically the continuous up-times can be hundreds of days (up to a year or more).
  12. Learn more about how PowerEdge servers are optimized for your workloads.