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Why should enterprises worry about DNS?

Businesses of all sizes and industries realized the importance of web sites and other online services as crucial revenue generating tools and their dependence on them is ever increasing at faster pace. Consequently the network performance parameters, whether it is speed or reliability or uptime, have acquired high focus than before. Yet, when it comes to monitoring the performance, businesses tend to overlook one of the core elements required for a reliable internet infrastructure, that is the Domain Name system (DNS).

Managing DNS becomes more critical whenever an organization becomes more reliant on the Internet. Research shows that businesses which have their DNS managed externally are less likely to suffer from downtime than those with internally managed DNS. Since increase in downtime translates to increase in financial loss and reputation loss, any downtime risk must be avoided.


Why should businesses worry about DNS DDOS attacks?

A globally dispersed Anycast network helps mitigate any type denial of service attack. DDoS attacks can sometimes generate huge traffic that can overwhelm a typical DNS that is connected using Unicast. TCPWave’s Anycast network is so widely dispersed across the globe that any DDoS attack can be easily localized. With our ever increasing globally distributed data centers that offers distributed DNS and dispersed Anycast network on top of it, it will only become much harder to launch a DDoS attack.

Advantages of TCPWave’s Cloud DNS Solution

By leveraging the TCPWave’s Cloud DNS Infrastructure’s high availability, scalability, accessibility, reliability, and world-wide distribution of resources, you can drastically improve your organization’s web-based operations. It can seamlessly integrate into your existing DNS administration processes and can work with your existing tool sets. Using a Cloud based DNS Solution offers reduced complications in DNS management and high scalability. The solution leverages the world class technologies like Anycast routing, seamless failover and Black Hole Detection which mitigates DDoS attacks and increase fault tolerance.

How Enhanced DNS Works

With the TCPWave’s DNS Management Interface, you can start provisioning new DNS appliances and start configuring with just a click of your mouse. You can transfer your zones with unparalleled ease and security. You can then make the TCPWave name servers as authoritative name servers for your domain. This triggers the TCPWave name servers around the world to start name resolution for your domain. The zone transfers are done based on the defined refresh and retry parameters of the SOA DNS record.

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