TCPWave’s clients include financial, government, manufacturing and technology firms. Perhaps it is because high-tech companies have a clear understanding of the quality of our technology and the effectiveness of our design. Or perhaps it is because of the results they see on metrics so critical in the competitive high tech industry: such as a 100% uptime for core network services and a 27% risk reduction in risks.

Our production site had a power outage and we are extremely pleased to see our DNS recover in 4 seconds. Thanks to TCPWave’s bulletproof appliances with  excellent disaster recovery features.

We have installed TCPWave virtaul appliances to provide core network infrastructure services and we are extremely pleased with the reliability, security and performance.

TCPWave appliances have a very good support from Dell and we are impressed by the 4 hour hardware replacement time we got. The technician swapped out the system in an hour. We are extremely satisfied.

The TCPWave appliances alerted us when they sensed a DDOS bot attack on our external DNS servers. We were able to take corrective action before it could cause any business impact.

We are impressed to see a dual DNS stack in the TCPWave appliances. We are glad to have a less exposure to the existing and future BIND bugs.

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