Utilize Dyn using TCPWave DDI

DynDNS is one of the major Managed DNS Service provider out there. It offers robust and scalable DNS via their battle-tested global Anycast network of multiple data centres. TCPWave IPAM supports DynDNS management support along with other cloud providers, providing a seamless DNS management. You can simply supply your DynDNS account keys and have the IPAM manage DNS in DynDNS service. Zones and Objects added in TCPWave IPAM are automatically synced with your Dyn account.

Security with Dyn:

The management communication between the TCPWave IPAM and your Dyn account is encrypted. TCPWave IPAM utilizes REST API calls over HTTPS to contact Dyn Service. The data in TCPWave IPAM and Dyn account are ensured to be in sync all the time.

The unique value of DynDNS integration offers:

Resilience and Performance: DynDNS guarantees consistent resilience and performance due to their diversified network world over. TCPWave IPAM amplifies this advantage by throwing in other cloud provider integrations into the mix, allowing for a greater redundant and diversified DNS.

Cloud Diversity: TCPWave IPAM not only provides DynDNS integration but it also supports managing other major cloud providers like AWS, Google and Azure. Thus you can manage your DNS in multiple clouds using a single interface with ease. You can ensure that a zone you created is exactly the same in your datacenter, DynDNS and other cloud providers. TCPWave IPAM makes it extremely simple to manage your DNS data in various public clouds in a flexible manner. You can move your entire zones and their data from one cloud provider to another!

Advanced DDoS Protection: With TCPWave IPAM’s DynDNS support, you can avail Dyn’s native battle-proven DDoS mitigation technology. You can further enhance this by having your DNS data in other cloud providers like AWS, Google and Azure via TCPWave IPAM, thereby by allowing a larger surface to absorb any DDoS attacks. Contact us to learn more.